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mw-leia-197x300.jpgMegérkezett az Empire and Rebellion trilógia első részéből a legelső rövid részletecske. Mit szóltok hozzá? Várjátok már ezeket a könyveket?


Han took two long strides to catch up with her, shouldered past Jerell, and said, “I know what you’re doing.”


“I know what I’m doing, too,” Leia said, and congratulated herself on her even tone. She stopped at the first pod hatch and opened the control pad to initiate the automatic systems check. The pods were meant for the larger crew complement of the Gamble’s pre-conversion state; each one had room for five large passengers.


“Yeah, you’ll either talk them out of this, or die trying.” Han leaned

against the bulkhead beside her, his voice low and grim. “Or make sure they die trying.”


Leia’s hand froze on the control pad. It was odd that, in this moment, it was Han of all people who seemed to understand what this meant to her.



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